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May 20, 2011

They say when you sit down to write, it helps to just put down whatever’s in your head without a thought, and eventually you will write what you wanted to in the first place.

So I heard the world is gonna end tomorrow.  If it does, I’m gonna feel really silly for sitting here at the office for ten hours.  I love doomsday predictions.  The people making them always claim to have some sort of insight into God, and how he’s particularly angry about this or that.  It usually goes like this:

1) Pick a random number of years ago that sounds biblical.

2) Insist that some biblical event took place then, usually creation.

3) Tell everyone that God is mad about a social trend that you don’t like.  These days it’s usually aimed at homosexuals, in times past it was about beatniks, women’s liberation, civil rights, etc.

4) When the date comes and goes, tell everyone that you got the ‘calculation’ wrong.  Also, tell your followers to give you all their money. They’ll have plenty, because a few weeks ago you told them to sell all of their possessions.

About the Name

Cheerfully indifferent, in my opinion, is a great way to be.  It’s not healthy to worry and get outraged all the time.  Cause then you get ulcers.  I have a co-worker who slaps himself in the forehead when work gets too frustrating.  I can’t imagine that.  Cause all the stress is still there, and also your hand and forehead hurt.  Now, it is true the brain generally only allows us to feel what it perceives as the most immediate and serious pain, so maybe it helps, but personally I would rather be busy than suffer repeated head trauma.

About me

My name is Alan.  I had a blog maybe ten years ago but it was mainly posts full of teenage angst, and comments from readers with even more teenage angst.  Facebook and Twitter are frustrating because the posts are so short and simple, and the focus is mainly on whatever mundane thing the user happens to be doing,  rather than things he observes or happens to be thinking about, or truly wants to say.

And since I am pragmatic/lazy, this seemed the best route to go.

Some background: I am a man (manchild?) in his mid 20s in the not very deep south.  I love math and science, and I guess you would call me a Christian, but I have come to find that people associate ‘Christian’ with a lot of regrettable history and shameful ideas.  I really believe that God wants to know everyone personally, and he went to great lengths to make that possible.  I won’t really go into detail about beliefs, hopefully they’ll show themselves if I can remember to write on this thing.

Also, RIP “Macho Man” Randy Savage.  Today I’m gonna snap into a Slim Jim.

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