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June 9, 2011

Wow work is slow today.  Get ready for rambling!


Windows 7 is great.  It took me almost four months to find my first little gripe with it.

With previous modern versions of Windows, USB hard drives are plug & play.  Just stick it in the port, the device installs, a drive letter is assigned, and it’s ready to go.  With Windows 7, you stick the drive in, it plays the little sound that says it recognizes a device, and….nothing.  As far as I know you have to find it in device manager and tell it to install, and then give it a drive letter.  Seems silly to me.  I mean sure I can do all that stuff but what’s the point of an operating system if not to manage such processes?  With all the things they accomplished by finally making a complete, functional operating system, it seems comparatively easy to not break old functionality that everyone kinda counted on.


And of course I’m trying to figure all this out at 6 in the morning scrambling to get ready, trying to copy some files so I can study while at work.  And gmail for some reason won’t let you attach an .exe file, or even a zip file with an .exe in it.

Hmm, work randomly got busy.

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