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Everybody Panic

June 10, 2011

Steady today.  Big plans for the weekend.  Studying for certification exams, making a pilgrimage to Q-doba, going to the arboretum a few times.

I need to buy a TV.  Roommate is leaving at the end of July, along with his possessions.  Already negotiated the transfer of the cat to my custody, thankfully.  There’s a pretty awesome TV online but it’s refurbished.  Might just buy it and if it only lasts a year, hopefully by that time I’ll be able to get a good one.  May just be time to splurge and get a huge one and then I’ll have the TV thing taken care of forever.

I remember reading about a study where they asked Americans their opinion about the future.  Even now most people believe their own personal situation will be better a year from now.  If I remember right, 19% of people thought that they were in the top 1% of earners (!), and another 20% said they believed they would be in the top 1% someday.  I think that’s actually pretty cool.  People still feel like they control their own destiny.


Keith Richards eats an onion every day.  I don’t eat a whole onion every day, but I am also not a legendary drug user.

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