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June 14, 2011

I don’t loathe Tuesdays the way I used to loathe Mondays, but it’s close.  I guess the amount you dread the first day of the workweek is directly proportional to how long you’ve had off.


E3 was this past week.  There’s maybe three games I want, one coming out this Winter, one coming out next Spring, and one coming out hopefully before the end of the world.  And true to form, the ones I want most are the ones I have to wait for the longest.


Anyone watch the Republican debate last night?  I maintain that I’ve stayed where I am politically while the Repubs have sprinted to the right but still waste money like only a gigantic government can.  Seriously, there has not been an election in my memory where there were actually two good candidates.  And then sometimes there’s not even one.  So, c’mon guys, win me over.


I’m gonna get one of those bumper stickers that says ‘My opinion changes with new information!’

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