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June 15, 2011

You know what I am sick of?  This whole mindset of ‘you should be grateful you even have a job.’  That’s BS.  You can call America licentious or decadent or lazy or whatever, but we used to believe that an honest job could allow a family to live comfortably and have some things that they wanted.  And we produced enough value that that was true.  The frustrating thing is, we still produce quite a bit of value.  America is 4th in the world in total manufacturing production, so no one can say we don’t produce things.  Being 4th in manufacturing with the population we have, and the fact that we’re pretty much a service economy, that’s pretty good.


So we still work as hard and are as technologically advanced as ever, but we should be ‘grateful we even have a job.’  Aside from the injustice of that, it seems like if a worker doesn’t get to benefit at all from his work it could be disastrous.  Creating a culture of ‘it makes no difference’ leads to those shitty deathtrap skyscrapers they always used to build in Taiwan.  Imagine if every building you walked into, every road you drove on, was designed by those people.  I had a professor once that said he didn’t curve grades because he didn’t want to drive on a bridge designed by a student that graduated because of a grading curve.


Also, if the average American can’t scrape together $2000 in a month for an emergency, how can we still be confused about the state of the housing market and the auto industry?  We did our best to make sure the average person doesn’t have the means to buy a house or a nice car; or even pay his own medical bills–of course this was gonna happen.


Caffeine headaches are making me cranky.  I never got a headache till I was 19.  No idea how to deal with them.

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