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June 17, 2011

I have an appointment at the university soon.  Pretty nervous about it.  Summer is always good for comparing others’ lives to your own.  Spurs you to action.  And the more practical benefit of all the underclassmen being gone and the town not being super crowded, and the staff not extremely overburdened.


Diablo III needs to come out soon.


So I have this sister.  She works like 70 hours a week and I’ll call her and see if she wants to do something (only lives like 45 mins away) and she’ll be like, well this month doesn’t look good, how about next month or maybe the one after.  Well, last time I called was in April so now it’s the month after.


Wondering how hard it is to get into tutoring.  My roommate has a second job working for Kaplan, tutoring people on the LSAT.  I could totally do that on the normal high school standardized tests, and most college math.  They even let you bill for prep time, how cool is that.  I guess if I am gonna be taking six hours of classes and working 40-48 hours a week I shouldn’t be looking for a second job.  Still, now that I’m an adult I have to actively try to stop wasting time.  Seems like the older I get, the faster time goes.


I read this study that said Christians who describe themselves as ‘having a close relationship with God’ are far more likely to go into the arts or into ministry.  That’s pretty interesting.  I love the arts, but I love the sciences more.  To me, math, physics, chemistry are like, the rules of the universe.  And it’s a big mystery that’s been set out before us to solve, little by little.  I guess I am just thinking about this because of the prospect of taking another class on electrical circuits.  You know how electrons move?  They pretty much go whichever direction they want, at any time, for no reason, and they end up, over time, going through the easiest path available.  I mean, who could have ever predicted that.


Ok, nerdy wonderment over.

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