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June 17, 2011

I’m not about to give up, because I heard you say

There’s gonna be brighter days, there’s gonna be brighter days.


I always assumed that as I aged, problems with females would cease to bother me so much.  And I guess they don’t, but I still get in the habit of overanalyzing everything and making a small thing into a big deal.  A girl comes back into my life after like five years, my attitude should be, “ok cool, what have I got to lose.”  But instead I play it over in my head till I have this idea of  how things are gonna go.  And then of course they don’t because the odds are astronomically against that.  And it’s silly.  I haven’t made that a priority in my life for a while now, I can’t expect things to just fall into place.  I guess just typing this is kind of me scolding myself.  Pretty cathartic really.


Other than that life is pretty good.  I am ever so slowly getting back into the routine of exercising, I am kicking ass at work (despite all odds), got enough money to take a week off soon.  Haven’t missed a workday in three months!  By the time I do get a day off it’ll be four.  Crazy how time flies.


You know, it’s nice to hear a really positive song, even if it does come off as corny.

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