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June 24, 2011

Most of my posts lately have been a little whiny but I’m feeling good today.  Mellow actually.  Not much could get me overly excited today.  I am gonna float like a plastic bag caught in the wind, to borrow a phrase.  Work isn’t too crazy, I am eating cookies, and after this weekend I get two overtime checks in a row.  Which means I will be paying off my computer before the payments begin and ending loan payments soon.  Also getting my degree audit back next week.  My dad called out of the blue yesterday and we talked about how it would be awesome if I finished all this and then got a master’s in environmental engineering.  I guess that’s a long way away, but still fun to think about.

And tonight I’m going to a relatively fancy restaurant!  I never go to fancy restaurants.

All that complaining I did about my boss and now he’s quitting.  And I’m thinking, what if the new guy is bad in some way I haven’t yet anticipated?  The devil you know, and all that.

I have become addicted to the arboretum.  It’s so relaxing, it’s right in the middle of the city, not overly traveled.  See even though I’m chunky, for some reason I still love jogging.  It’s a good addiction to have.  I’m not young enough to be automatically healthy anymore I guess.  But I am breathing deeper, sleeping easier, feeling like my gut is getting smaller.  And it feels like accomplishing something other than waiting for the beginning of the next work day.

You know, if there are a bunch of people who get displaced by tornadoes, and you are in a college town, and it’s summer, it seems pretty obvious what the solution is.  The buildings are already open and they are almost empty, I know because I used to live there.  I don’t understand all of this despair and arm-flailing by the local government.

I’m getting crumbs in my keyboard…and I love it!

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