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June 25, 2011

I kinda feel like an old man after last night.  People always wanna do stuff later than I can do it, and I can choose to not go, or to sit there like a zombie cause it’s past my bedtime.

And at this time last year, being unemployed, I was going to bed at any time between 3 and 5, and getting up whenever.  So I know it has more to do with schedule than age, but it seems like just a few short years ago I could just go days without sleep on a whim, and catch up later.  It sucks to miss out on doing stuff cause I’m asleep.  It sucks even more to sit there eating heavy food and people are just talking and talking and talking at me for hours, and I know I would be having a lot more fun if I could just pause time and take a nap.

Also, read this and weep:×1353941

I found it funny that Paul Allen was the name of one of the investment banker bigwigs in American Psycho.  Coincidence?  Of course.  But still, a little bit of verisimilitude.  I think that’s the right word.  Best one I could find.

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