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June 29, 2011

I keep trying to write in here but we’re crazy busy today, and way shorthanded.

It’s not the ‘not having enough time to type’ thing, it’s the ‘keeping my thoughts straight in between working’ thing.

Thankfully there is no day so bad that a close-up of a polar bear staring into a camera can’t set it right.


So I totally dodged a bullet regarding this weekend.  See I’m headed home to celebrate Independence Day and naturally our city has this series of concerts planned, and the guy playing on the 4th is a particularly atrocious country singer who shall remain nameless.  My mother somehow got ‘VIP’ tickets to this (far as I can tell, VIP means you have to sit close enough to get lasting hearing damage, and they give you free beer and nachos).  But since it’s on the 4th and I work on the 5th, the most I have to do is sit there for some pre-show and then go home and sleep peacefully while everyone’s getting their ears molested.

(Full disclosure: this particular country singer is actually a distant cousin of mine.  Doesn’t mean I can’t despise him)


Speaking of sleeping peacefully, I haven’t slept a full night in about a week.  Not sure exactly what to do about it.  All that stuff people say, the not eating late in the evening, getting regular exercise, not having caffeine, I am doing all that.  In fact my sleep troubles got worse after I started doing that in earnest, which was just a few weeks ago.


Four hours to go.  Oof, I am earning this

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