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July 7, 2011

So sleepy.  I’m gonna go to bed Friday night and wake up Tuesday morning.  With periodic 12 hour breaks to play on the computer and go to the arboretum.


Shill time: I have gotten so many great deals from the Steam Summer Sale!  Two bucks here, five bucks there, and now I have a mighty backlog of games.


I always want to write about what I’m thinking, but there’s just too many distractions at work.  I write in pieces and then it’s all disjointed and doesn’t make sense, and when I get home there’s stuff I wanna do since there’s only three or four hours between getting home and going to sleep.


One of the last things Jesus says in the bible is, “To him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life.”  That is so amazing.  When we ask for help, God doesn’t find fault, he just helps us.  With life, with redemption, with everything.  We sometimes That’s hard to comprehend because a lot of people have never had a relationship with another person that was anything like that.


It’s also tough because people read the bible and God seems different than people say he is.  It’s hard to reconcile the great love we all talk about with the things he did and had his people do.  I guess it sort of makes sense to me now, God is very often described as jealous.  He’s extremely protective, and doesn’t want us to share our affections.  And since we are in this world with so much pain and frustration and loss, and we’re not always spared from that, I guess God is more interested in getting us to depend on him than making our lives perfect all the time.


See, there I go getting off track and pontificating again.  I swear I will sit down at home and write a proper post one of these days.

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