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July 25, 2011

I read an article about some study where they determined that people who write blogs are less emotionally healthy than the average person.

I guess that could be true.  But I think it would be more accurate to say that most people live their whole lives dealing with this or that and never think to tell anyone.  Writing stuff down feels good.  Plus, it’s nice to have a record of oneself.  I think if life is lived well, we can even enjoy the bad memories.


In other news…

The NFL lockout is over!  Not in time to save the HoF game though :(.  In general I like college sports better than pro sports but the way they handle the postseason in college football is really horrible.  In the NFL every team gets 16 games, so every game matters.  Then every team gets whatever spot they earned for the postseason, and it’s single elimination from there.  In college football we let a computer tell us who’s worthy to play for the national title.  Ridiculous.

Also, pro baseball is so boring.  The season is 162 games!  The significance of a single game is almost nothing.  If a team goes 0-10 in baseball they’re definitely bad, but they could theoretically fix themselves, win 50 games or so (baseball teams very rarely go below .300 these days).  If a team goes 0-10 in football they’re probably going to have one of the worst records in history.  So I think, in general, football players try quite a bit harder than baseball players.  Things like this are important to making an interesting sport.


That said, the lockout definitely left a bad taste in my mouth.  It was time for a new collective bargaining agreement between the players and owners.  The owners said they wanted more revenue because the NFL was not in good financial shape, which sort of rang hollow.  So the players wanted proof and the owners didn’t want to give it, so the players decertified their union so they could sue the owners for various reasons.  Then the owners locked out the players.  Then they did a bunch of nothing for four months, then they figured out they would all lose a bunch of money if there was no football this season.  So the players formed a union again and everybody reached a deal, and now the billionaires get a bigger share of the money the NFL makes in exchange for not taking any off the top.  Also, rookies get a much bigger minimum guaranteed salary now, but they also can’t get gigantic $50 million contracts either.

tl;dr a bunch of billionaires decided they wanted more money, so they decided to try taking it from the millionaires.  The millionaires took the billionaires to court, then the millionaires lost some key cases so they decided to drop the unimportant ones and now all is forgiven until 2021.

And that’s why that guy from Auburn doesn’t get gigantic piles of cash for doing nothing.  You know the one I mean.  The one with the teeth so shiny you could see them from space.  The one everyone wants to punch in the face.


In all of this you never really heard anything about the fans.  The billionaires wanted their money, and the millionaires wanted theirs, but no one really considered the fact (or possibly just didn’t care) that the fans just wanted to have quality football this year.  It is enough to leave one disillusioned with the whole process.  Obviously I won’t say that I won’t watch football this year, but I’m not going to any pro games.  I’m sure a lot of people feel the same way.  If that means TV blackouts, so be it.

That’s another thing that has always bugged me.  A blackout is where they prevent a game from airing if it’s not sold out.  Ridiculous.  That’s like saying “thanks for paying for this stadium with your tax money so that I could profit off of it.  Oh, you can’t afford these tickets?  Well, you didn’t want it bad enough, so now you can’t watch it for free over the air, because f*** you and your financial situation.”


All this talk is angrying up the blood.  Point is, imperfect as it may be, football’s back!

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