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July 31, 2011

I never realized how much of the crap in my apartment was my roommate’s.  In the past week I’ve had to buy the TV and a monitor and a pair of headphones; today I’m gonna try to find a new router.  The kitchen is emptied of cooking utensils and spices, the xbox is gone, as well as both sets of speakers.

Signed a new lease on Friday too.  The owners are such kindly people.  They’re deducting the cost of internet from my rent so I will be paying it.  The reason this is awesome is, it’s cheaper for me, and because I still have a student ID, I get free basic cable for a year.  That’s a big deal for me, cause I haven’t had cable in years.  I know most of it is reruns of Ice Road Truckers and other crappy shows that are inexplicably on the wrong channel, but at $0 a month I really only have to find like one decent show for it to be a bargain.


Of course they can’t just transfer everything to my name and switch on the cable, they have to come out and install a box that isn’t needed, and change out the modem with one that’s exactly functionally equivalent.


So I keep wondering…with the money the US government has right now which is a couple hundred billion, they’ve already decided to use part of it to pay interest payments on the debt, and the Prez has already given sort of a wink-nudge that they won’t default on bonds.  If we don’t default on our debt or bonds, what’s all this jazz about downgrading our credit rating?  I mean, if they were going to do it because of some perceived weakness it probably ought to have been done a while ago.  I mean, we have the least money of any country, ever.  I heard it put this way: our idea of budgeting is maxing out our credit cards, then getting our unborn grandchildren approved for credit cards and maxing them out too.

I don’t get most of the panic though.  This is the time to start fixing the problem.  We still have decent infrastructure and a large labor force.  We grow a lot of food, we use other people’s oil instead of our own (most of the time–Obama used ours once this year just as a middle finger to the people that keep messing with oil futures.  I guess they are getting back at us now though).

So the question is, can we create $15 trillion.  Not print it, but create that much value.  Use $5 worth of materials and $5 worth of labor and make something worth $100, and collectively as a country do it 150 billion times over the next couple decades.

Of course we can.  We’ve done it before.  The question is if we will.  And also, if we do, will the money go where it’s supposed to go, or will it go to turn a bunch of millionaires into billionaires, like it did in 2008.


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