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August 4, 2011

I love how, when the Dow charges upwards for a year or more, it makes no difference in the life of the average person, but when it tanks (i.e. gets closer to its real value) we’re all supposed to panic.  Maybe the companies in the DJIA can actually start doing something with all that cash they’ve built up since 2008.  You know, like, spend money to make money.  Hire people and pay them for their effort, in order to make a product or provide a service.  Like, be businessmen.


Also, something to consider:  maybe this crash (and I doubt it’s over) is not about which side did the right thing in the debt deal, but rather it’s about the confidence of investors in a system where a handful of congressmen can nearly force us to default on our debt.  And all this happened while 90% of Americans did not want a default to happen, and were willing to endure a mix of spending cuts and tax increases to avoid it.

But instead of fixing the problem it’s the same old  fault-finding BS.  The mean ol’ Democrats dared to propose that maybe the most prosperous country in history ought to keep providing for the poor, the sick, and the elderly.  And the mean ol’ Republicans are acting like maybe it’s a bad idea to repeatedly borrow incomprehensible amounts of money without a plan to repay it.  If only there was a way to pick and choose which things to keep funding.  If only there was a way to increase government revenue.

No matter what congress says, there is a debt ceiling – it’s the point at which no one will lend money to us anymore.  And it’s fast approaching, if not already here.

This is the kind of government I’ve always dreaded.  The actual lawmakers have rendered one another almost impotent – they only come together every once in a while, and when they do they always make some hilariously bad decision.  The real power lies with people who are beyond the immediate recourse of voters.  I read somewhere that the U.S. Department of Education has its own SWAT team.  Are you kidding?  Someone can be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court or head of the FBI for far longer than any president can hold office.  Not to say those aren’t things we need, but if you don’t like the job they do, how do you, as a citizen of a supposed republic, fix it?

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