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September 16, 2011

It was supposed to be naptime but I am still pretty full, so I am just gonna write whatever pops in to the empty spaces.


It’s almost fall, and that means it’s almost almost the holiday season.  I consider Halloween one of those days, and I feel comfortable enough in my living space (such as it is) to decorate it for Halloween and  and hope the people around me do too.  People my age don’t have enough sources of pure joy.  One of the things we lose (or at least, that I have lost) is the anticipation of holidays.  Man, when I was a kid and we flipped the calendar to December, we put up the freakin’ tree and decorated it, and I refused to have it any other way.  Then for the next 24 days before bed I’d sit there next to it and listen to Christmas music and ask my mom when there was gonna be stuff under it.


This December I’ll have my little tree with red lights, and as soon as it gets dark outside I am just gonna turn off all the lights in my apartment (cause let’s be honest, I never really do anything while I’m home except sit at my computer anyways) and plug in the tree and enjoy the glow.


Tomorrow I get to see my sister, and that means I get to see her dogs!  They are such amazing pitbulls.  They are both so protective and attentive and they’ll follow you around and when you sit down they’ll lay there with you.  I swear the big one, Solomon, must sleep like 16 hours a day.  And they have such different personalities but they’re both so sweet.  And all you have to do to get them to love you is 1) be nice to my sister, and 2) give them food.  Solomon loves marshmallows…well…he’ll eat anything really, even if it’s not food.  Riley’s a bit more picky but she can still pack it away, even though she’s so skinny.

Talking about them makes me want to take a camera tomorrow.


I love that I can wear the rattiest old shirt to work as long as it’s clean and I wear a hoodie over it.  There was a stretch last winter where I went weeks just wearing undershirts and hoodies.

They really are superior forms of clothing, though.  There’s a commercial they air sometimes during football season for those official NFL hoodies, I guess they’re from Starter or something, and the voiceover guy says, “you will wear out long before they do.”

Hey, now that I type that, it sounds kind of morbid.  It’s true though, I have this one particular hoodie that I will wear till the end of the world (15 months from now?).  Cause it’s awesome and apparently they don’t make them anymore.



I see the train of abuses and usurpations is continuing in the NFL.  A couple of guys from the Steelers got fined $15k for a horse collar tackle.  A horse collar tackle is basically grabbing someone by the back of the jersey or the shoulder pads.


The fact that one of those players was Troy Polamalu is particularly maddening.  See, he has this big mane of hair, and the NFL ruled that his hair is part of his uniform and he can be tackled by it.  And tackling a guy by his long hair is almost exactly like tackling him by the collar of the jersey or the shoulderpads.  But since Polamalu is a man (he plays strong safety for the Steelers) he had no problem with that.  He kept his long hair, which was a big ‘eff you’ to the league.

So again, the game becomes less fun and less like itself because someone might get hurt.  Not that I want people to get hurt, but it is that kind of game, and that’s one of the reasons people love it.


Do all of my posts end with some football rant?

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