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November 21, 2011

Work is slow.  Calm before the storm?  Doing puzzles and listening to music is melting the stress away.  My dilemma is that I can only use one headphone at a time so I don’t really get the whole song and I gotta guess which one will give me most of the background.

It’s hard to believe how much better I feel after just eating a little healthier and drinking maybe one soda a day.  I lost a little weight in September-October, then sorta hovered for a while, now I’m losing it again, albeit pretty slowly.  It’s dark when I drive to work and dark when I drive home, so it’s tough to make myself exercise on workdays.  And on off days I’m sorta back to playing my game a few times a week, and when it comes to me and video games it’s really easy to lose track of time.  Like yesterday I woke up, logged in, played all day, then passed out asleep.

The CCNA has so much content.  But I am gonna pass this thing one way or the other.  I dunno why more people don’t go this route.  A couple years of experience and a few certs and people at least can get in at the ground of a viable career if they take it seriously.  Not that I want this to be my career, but I could stand to make a lot more money, and maybe do something a little more dynamic.  When it comes to technology I really enjoy the theory more than the specifics.  Designing circuits, writing algorithms, solving really open-ended problems, that is a ton of fun, but learning the minutia of someone else’s hardware, following someone else’s processes, dealing with someone else’s office politics, that kinda sucks.

Thanksgiving is gonna be weird this year.  Family is all scattered to the winds, and I gotta work all day anyways.  And the next day.  And the day after that.  Lots of money and no time does have its advantages I suppose.  Hopefully they will buy us all lunch at work again.


Speaking of lunch, time for Subway again.  I am addicted to that place now that it’s got a fancy new building.

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