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Retail Therapy

November 24, 2011

It’s ridiculous that people still line up to buy game systems.  Especially ones whose hardware is over six years old.  Don’t get me wrong, the 360 did a lot of things right.  Having eDRAM on the same die as the processor has really future-proofed it up to this point, and something I wish more console makers would consider.  There’s really no striking bottleneck on the thing anywhere, and I think that is so cool.  Three CPU cores, 512 MB of RAM, nothing crazy, but it’s just so well put together that even compared to my awesome computer, it can produce a reasonable result on the latest games.


For the price of a 360 though, I could fit my computer with two mid-range video cards.  Literally everything in my computer is better than the equivalent piece of hardware in any game console, and I could make it even better.  And if it breaks, I can replace the bad part with something better.  Games already look better on my computer, and I can play them while listening to music or watching netflix or something.  A computer is just a lot more versatile.

But then there’s the intangibles: I want to sit on my couch and play on a big TV, I want to be able to get into A MW3 game if I’ve only got a few minutes to play, I would like a game console to be my media center instead of my roommate’s iffy laptop.  And also, game developers are moving more and more towards just developing for consoles, because they are reaching that point where the amount of PC customers they get for the amount of time they have to spend developing for all different hardware configurations, just isn’t worth it anymore.  As much as I love my computer, if all I will end up using it for is office functions and internet browsing, it doesn’t need a ridiculously great graphics processor.

But why am I working all this overtime if not to buy something cool?!?

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