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Vegetable Soup and Pimento Cheese Sandwiches

January 27, 2012

“When times are good, be happy; but when times are bad, consider: God has made the one as well as the other. Therefore, a man cannot discover anything about his future.”

-Ecclesiastes 7:14

Sometimes it’s tough to look at hard times and problems in the past and see how they helped me.  You’d think that would be a joy, but I remember how it felt at the time and I like to think once a lesson has been learned, maybe I’ll never have to hurt that way again, or face that particular challenge again.

We never know exactly why things don’t work out like we want, or why we face challenges and disappointments, but our hearts and minds can bring us close to an answer if we look for it.

Because you know, if God was like, a concierge who gave me whatever I wanted whenever I asked for it, I would consider myself a spoiled little kid.  And a spoiled kid doesn’t know the joy of anticipation, the relief of having a provider who loves us, the triumph of achievement, he doesn’t appreciate the love of others, nor can he empathize with them.  All he knows is the nagging emptiness of isolation and desire, and the worry of not having enough.


God is pretty straightforward about not wanting us to be afraid of anything.  And the first part of that verse above: “When times are good, be happy;” is much more difficult than it sounds.  Last month I thought I had lost something important, and after much internal conflict I came to terms with it.  The process definitely sucked.  But looking back on it I’m glad it happened, you know?  Cause now, even though it’s still very important, I’m not really afraid anymore.  And now that things have gotten better I can enjoy them in peace.

I know that’s pretty cryptic but it’s just nice to be looking forward to good things again, rather than worrying about bad things.  It’s tough to describe the presence of God to a skeptic–which I understand completely.  But I would hope that, even with all my faults, anyone who has known me all my life can see the difference he has made.  These past few months have been another example of that.


I ramble a lot lately.  This weekend I’m headed to my mom’s to hang out and probably help her with stuff.  My computer is sitting in the car bundled up with some clothes and such.  The agenda includes riding in my uncle’s new Chevy Volt, watching UK, eating vegetable soup and/or chili, playing my game, hopefully seeing my nephew and papaw.  I’m not looking forward to this drive home in the dark rain after two days of 5 hours of sleep.  But once I get there hopefully it’s comfy and there’s something good to eat.  I’ve never been able to really fall asleep during lunch but today may be an exception.

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