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February 2, 2012

Happy Groundhog Day!

Today’s gonna be a rambling sort of day, I can tell.

The director of Groundhog Day said that he intended to imply that Bill Murray had been stuck in that loop of living the same day over and over for 10,000 years.  I always liked that movie cause it made me think of what I would do if there were no consequences.  They say whatever you would do if you didn’t have to worry about money or logistics or consequences, is what you should work towards even with those things in mind.

When I think about it, though, there’s no quick answer.  With a good stream of income most people can quit worrying about not having enough, but I wouldn’t say money makes anyone happy.  So I mean yeah, I would buy some stuff, but it wouldn’t be a big deal.  I wouldn’t work for a paycheck anymore but I would still work on my own stuff.  I wouldn’t want to be famous at all.  Heh, wonder what it says about me that my life as a rich guy would be pretty much the same, except with a big house and the best electronics and cars.  Probably buy a football team too.  That would be fun.  I’d buy the Pats and purposely run them into the ground.

Also makes me wonder how quick I will get sick of routine.  I mean I’ve already gotten sick of this one.  At this time last year I hadn’t missed a single day of work, and I went 9 months missing like 2 days total.  Now I get a day off every week and I still look for reasons to miss.  The work didn’t change, if anything it got easier, but I just got sick of it.  Wonder if that will happen with a new job as well?  I mean for one thing I’ll get vacation at this new job, and I can afford to go to the doctor since they not only provide health insurance but it doesn’t even come out of my check.  I know that’s standard at a lot of places but it’s a new one for me.  Those two things, along with more interesting work, and I think I could really do well there.  I don’t wanna jump the gun but I’m excited about this job, and they seem interested in me. Just hope it works out.  It’s not really an end in itself though, so I will get restless at some point and look for something better.  I really feel like I’m moving in the right direction.

The Kingdoms of Amalur demo is pretty awesome.  It had that addictive timing-based mixed combat that I love, along with some decent elements of character customization.  Had enough of buying sixty dollar games though, so I’ll just watch the price for a while.  Definitely gonna get it though.

It’s amazing to me that companies still make demos in this day and age.  They have to be so expensive and time-consuming, right in the middle of the development cycle of a game.  What Amalur did is give you the game and then lock you out 45 minutes after the tutorial is over.  I guess that makes sense, cause I mean it’s basically the game, no extra effort needed, but if development was that far along why not just go ahead and release the full game?


It’s probably been a few weeks since I talked about how great Aldi is.  Yesterday I got a four pound bag of oranges for a dollar.  I found the generic salsa chips again too.  Under sixty bucks to feed two twenty something males for a week, that’s pretty awesome.

I will write more later.

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