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Stay a While

April 16, 2012

Usually on Monday morning, I am the (comparatively) bright and cheery one.  Today though, it’s like everyone is yelling and everything’s so bright.  Can’t be a hangover cause I only had like, one drink yesterday.  And got a decent amount of sleep.


The Diablo 3 beta is awesome!  Pretty short though.  The monk is sooooo cool.  And the main fear I had, that D3 would be too different from its predecessors, was totally laid to rest.  It’s still Diablo.  The huge numbers of baddies and frantic action and badassery and quick, easy grouping is all still there–as well as the addictive loot system.

But yeah, back to the monk.  Comparing him to D2 classes, he’s like half Paladin, half Assasin.  A quick hitter with high evasion and group utility, and some awesome CC and AOE attacks.  Crowd control in this franchise is a lot more fun and open ended.  Like, run into the middle of a bunch of enemies, do a whirlwind kick thingee and they get knocked back across the room.  Then find a narrow hallway and run into it so all the bad guys will chase you, then drop a barrier that they can’t get past, so you stand there while you heal up and your ranged friends unload on ’em.

I remember watching a developer commentary on some first person shooter where the guy said, as far as gameplay goes the secret is to create a really fun 30 seconds of gameplay, then let the player play it over and over while keeping it as fresh as possible.  And it’s true ya know.  Like in WoW and games like that it’s divided into ‘pulls.’  You do your 30 seconds of gameplay, then take a little break to prepare for the next pull, then another 30 seconds of gameplay.  And there’s enough randomness that it stays pretty fun.

The appeal of D3 is that there’s a ton of randomness.  Randomness of your skills and randomness of what enemies you’ll face and how many, which adds to the randomness of your skills (for example, maybe you have some AOE attack that gives you a certain amount of your resource for every bad guy it hits), even the dungeons themselves are randomly generated.

And of course, the loot is famously random and addictive.  Most RPGs have a random loot system but this franchise is sort of the standard by which the others are measured.


So yeah, it’ll be a nice distraction.  Right when summer kicks in, too.

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