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April 17, 2012

My method for betting on horses is as follows:


1) Pick the one that looks the fastest.

2) Failing that, pick the one with the coolest name.


On Sunday I successfully picked the slowest or second slowest horse in three straight races with this method.  To be fair though, I also never bet on any horse with good odds.  There’s no point.  If I bet on every race, a $2 bet every time, I only gotta win one every two days worth of races to get my money back–as long as every horse I pick is 20-1 or lower.

We saw this one horse go nuts.  She was like 99-1 (I guess the filly races are like the WNBA, not a lot of parity) but was ahead almost the entire race.  It was gonna be awesome but then she threw off her jockey, jumped on to the turf and started running the other direction.  Thankfully the jockey just had a shoulder injury.

Then I got some Italian nachos at Johnny Carino’s.  Worth it!


Playing this beta has really got me hankering some non-beta Diablo goodness.  Might do that before 3 is released. <—-this is my new favorite meme.   So cute. <—-or maybe this one.  The anti-joke chicken.

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