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Can of Worms

May 15, 2012

So, I downloaded Diablo 3 and went to bed super early so I could get up at 3 AM and play for a couple hours before work.  But 3 o’clock rolled around and I was pretty comfy…and I figured everything would be broken so I just went back to bed.

So now I’m fresh faced and chipper, ready to get this day over with and play tonight and Wednesday.


And you know, I get why multiplayer was unavailable while the servers were down, but why do we need servers at all if we just want to play by ourselves or on a LAN?  I mean, even if we need to be “online” for the purposes of DRM, why does every action have to go client->server->client?  It’s ridiculous.

And even more ridiculous is that the people who pirated it can play just fine, while the people who obtained it legally were hosed last night.

Hopefully it’s all fixed by tonight.

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