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May 17, 2012

So I got up at like 6:30 yesterday morning, then played Diablo 3 for about 13 hours.

It is so much fun and I’m really enjoying the monk, once I figured out the right passive skills and such.  13 hours making sure I explored most things and listened to most dialogue and cutscenes got me through act III, so it’s a pretty meaty game.  The Act II end fight was awesome!

I tried to stay away from it all evening but had to get back on and check out the AH.  Apparently the real money AH won’t be open till next week.  Some of the gear I saw was totally bananas though.  I’ve been dumping everything in blacksmithing but people were selling rare weapons my level for super cheap, so I gotta go on a buying spree on the regular gold AH here soon, once leveling slows down enough.

Took me a while to discover elective mode too.  That is really a game changer.  Opens up a lot of new build possibilities.

Overall I am pretty happy with it.  It has a huge name to live up to but so far it’s done it.

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