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June 6, 2012

I’m too busy at work to write anymore.  It’s a sinking ship and people keep leaving with no one to replace them.  I feel like I am doing the work of three people, and we’re all back to five day weeks.  I have to believe it will be good that I stuck it out though.  Ten workdays left at this job.  Crazy to think about.

So here I am squeezing in some time after lunch.  My blog is a graveyard of half finished posts but I can’t pick one to work on cause they’re all meaty.  They require work, finding and checking sources and such, which doesn’t sound appealing.

My debit card # was compromised about ten days ago.  I got the money back last week but just today got a new debit card.  Turns out not having access to your money is a great way to save.  I wonder what happens with locally investigating stuff like that.  I mean a police report is filed, and it would be really easy for the police to get the security cameras from where the card was used and get footage of who used it.  I guess the benefit would be reaped elsewhere so they don’t really pursue it much.

Looking up natural sleep aids and cures for heartburn make me really glad I’m not old yet.  They think I have this crap just lying around my apartment?  All we have is some generic benadryl and a year old box of nyquil, and my roommate has some ibuprofen I think.  Of course, as far as the heartburn cures go I guess we could have stood to have some baking soda in the fridge lately, since everything in there smells of watermelon now.  Touché, internet.

So ready to go fishing this summer.  And of course, this is where I want to go.


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