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Eet mor Chikin…or don’t, I don’t care

July 31, 2012

Hopefully I’ve made clear in this blog that I’m all for allowing gay marriage.  I take America’s spirit and political philosophy very seriously.  I think it coincides quite well with God’s plan for human beings.  We are free to do as we wish, and God will deal with us individually, as we were made by him and he places a high value on us.

It is the place of a government to protect the rights of people, all the way up to the point where they use their freedom to limit the rights of others.  It really is that simple.  How we choose to use that freedom is up to us.  We can do awful things, we can waste our life, we can choose to believe different things.

To that end, I’m going to eat the exact same amount of Chik-Fil-A that I always have.  (which is not that much…their sandwiches are fairly expensive)

I really just don’t understand the controversy surrounding this whole thing.  The owner of Chik-fil-A wasn’t preaching hate, he wasn’t singling out homosexuals (he’s also against no-fault divorce), he was consistent, and his business has never discriminated.  If a gay person walks in to a Chik-Fil-A and asks for a chicken sandwich, they’ll sell him one.  To do otherwise would be hateful, it would be un-Christ-like, and it would be bad business.  All the guy said was, he supports the traditional model of the family.  He didn’t ask anyone to agree with him, he didn’t try to make it an us-vs.-them sort of thing, he just stated his opinion when asked.

And you know I realize they did use some of their profits to fund anti-gay (or as they say, pro-family) groups, and if an individual or private group wants to boycott them based on that, then that’s absolutely fine, and I heartily encourage that.  You go down the line though, and it’s the exact same issue…the groups they donate to aren’t violent or hateful, they just have an opinion that many (myself included) disagree with.  They can try to influence the political process, just like we can, but they can’t actually keep gays from getting married any more than we can keep them from selling chicken in Chicago.

I like the fact that public servants are starting to understand, in the instance of gay marriage, that people ought to be free to do as they like.  But this shows that they are doing it for all the wrong reasons.  They aren’t doing it to uphold the rights of people that have been held down and denied.  They aren’t doing it because it’s the right thing.  They’re doing it because this is their pet cause right now.  Gay people have the right to get a marriage license, but sheesh, the owner of Chik-Fil-A certainly has a right to not like it.  You can’t force people to have a particular ideology; to even try to, even with the mildest coercion, is monstrous.

If a person claims to champion civil rights, it doesn’t make any sense for them to support the government-sponsored exile of a private business.  The mayor of Boston wrote this disgusting letter that basically amounts to “This is the Boston Freedom Trail…where you are free to believe what we tell you, or else.”

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