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August 28, 2012

This free time is crazy.  I’ve been called a cat on a hot tin roof these last few days.  I can’t stop getting up before 6 AM.  The sun’s peeking through the window and I’m watching Rachael Ray on CBS’s morning show.


I got a call from a company that needs on-site technicians.  They said it would be up to 75% travel.  I really wanna travel on my own terms though.  They’d send me to everywhere and nowhere inparticular, when there’s only a few places I wanna go, then come back home.

I mean, at least this company would pay my expenses and I’d get a stipend for food and such.  That was such a pain at my last traveling job, having to fight for every cent.

Before starting a new job I gotta learn to relax though.  I’m always worrying, even though I’ve got barely anything to worry about.  I should just swim and go to Buffalo Wild Wings and play videogames and take naps.  It’s weird, but that’s just not me right now.


I watched this really shitty movie last night that had George Clooney as a guy who travels around firing people for a living.  It was bull because no one in the world who gets a decent severance package would actually do anything crazy like in the movie.  Plus it would be a fairly easy job.  “Hey, your company is firing you anyways, they brought us in as a courtesy to help you find something new, and by the way, here’s your 6 months or a year of severance.”

I mean I can’t relax right now, but I’m not freaking out.  I’m not angry at my employer. It was a good time in my life, they employed me for a few years and I learned a lot and enjoyed it.  The most important thing is, I left there in a better position than when I came in.  And if I got a job then, why not now?  And that was 2010 after the economy bottomed out.  Now companies are sitting on huge piles of cash, waiting until after the election year to snatch people up like hotcakes.

So, I guess I can see the light on the other side.  I hope everything works out.

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